Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm not a racist, but....

I have to point out and establish some shit first, before I continue with anything else, that way I don't get mistaken for something I'm not, like a racist, so please continue reading.
I live in New York City, born and raised, I personally feel that it is technically impossible to be a legitimate racist here being that we are a melting pot of the droppings of every god damned country imaginable.
Every person, unless they're a Native American, is of foreign origins here, so to be a real, authentic racist is really fucking stupid here.
Or anywhere for that matter, but here it's really, really foolish.
Shit, even our Ku Klux Klan here isn't racist.

Now with that being said, I can describe how I break down my hatred of other races, in a completely non-racist way.

I think it's actually more hating of the stereotypes of races as opposed to the actual races, more than anything, but allow me to explain.

Let's start dark and go lighter (RACIST!), you have Black people, good people, contribute to society, perform well in school, excellent workers, don't cause problems, we all love them, then you have Niggers, who are the total opposite.
Niggers hang in front of the building at all hours of the night, hooting and hollering and making a mess, they destroy public property, and can't have anything decent or nice in their neighborhood.
They are piled in front of the public assistance buildings and speak as if they learned English from Chicken George himself and they like to make scenes in public places by being totally obnoxious, especially in groups.
Police hate them, white people cross the street when they walk by (actually, they do that with Black people too) and anyone around them wishes they'd spontaneously combust and burn to death.
Most rappers act pretty niggerish and give good black people a bad name, I have to say.

Then you have the Latinos, Hispanic, etc, (like myself, regardless of how pale my flesh is) you have good strong Latin people that are in politics and own businesses, and go to college, really helpful to the country , just like good black people, sadly, you also have the Latin equivalent to Niggers, which are Spics.
Spics are pretty much niggers that speak Spanish, usually "Spanglish" which is the worst kind of fucking language.
They don't necessarily speak English, or Spanish, they speak both, Spanglish, and whenever they can't say a word in one language, they say it in the other, and it's really fucking irritating, they also make up their own fucking words or use the Spanish word for "thing" when the proper words becomes too elusive for their simple minds to locate. It's also pretty common for them to say the word "for" instead of "so".
Here's an example, instead of saying 'I bought these shoes so I can go dancing" they'd say something like "I bought these shoes for I could go dancing".
What the fuck is that?
Did I mention that they're also loud as all hell?
You can hear a spic speaking from a whole town away, and they're worse than Italians when it comes to speaking with their bodies.
They always want to physically demonstrate something on you, because not only did they get punched in the face by the cops, they need to explain what that means exactly with their entire body, and yours.
They also tap you as they speak, constantly, stomp their feet for story emphasis and stop dead in their path while walking to express their frustration about a certain subject.
Fuck spics.

Though these next few don't directly affect us New Yorkers, they can't go unmentioned.

White people have rednecks, and everyone hates those assholes, all over Jerry Springer and littering our southern Wal-Mart’s, and I have no clue what the Asian equivalents to Spics and niggers would be, but they're out there, the assholes shooting snot rockets all over the god damned city and invading your personal space on the Subway with their Salami breath, fuck you guys, I hate you too.

This is pretty standard for all races actually; you have the good side of the bunch, then their nigger/spic/redneck equivalent.

So as you can clearly see, I'm not a racist, I'm just a very outspoken stereotype hater, but unfortunately, in NY, it seems that the stereotypes make up the majority, so it's not uncommon for someone to say "I hate Puerto Ricans" but actually mean "I hate Spics".

It's pretty much exactly what they meant to say.

I needed to have this pointed out, so that whenever I go on a seemingly racist tirade, you know it's totally out of love.

More to follow, when I get around to it.


  1. Fucking aliens. I hate every goddamn creature not born on this planet. Fucking assholes.

  2. You could never be president.

  3. Sure I could James, I'd just kill the assholes.