Friday, May 30, 2014

Equal Opportunity Double Standards

Ah, the double standard.
One of the mainstays of society. 
No matter how much we progress with open mindedness, we will never be able to end it.
No man wants to take his car to a female mechanic because women are fucking stupid when it comes to cars.
No woman wants a straight man to organize her home because all a dumb ass man is going to do is fuck it up and put shit where it doesn’t belong.
We are more likely to put peanut butter in the fridge than any other living being.

Hire a male nanny? Get the fuck out; he’s going to rape your child for sure.
All us men want to do is rape kids.
Hire a female delivery person? No fucking way, she can’t even lift an iPad without keeling over and dying.
You can pretend that you’re not one of these people who think like this, but the reality is, we all are.

Do you really seek out a woman’s help in say, Home Depot?
No, you don’t. Because how can a woman possibly know the difference between a belt sander and a circular saw?
Even if you ask her opinion on a specific brand, what do you immediately do right after? Ask a male employee.

If you don't ask a man....

Have you ever seen a woman go to a STRAIGHT male beautician?
Unheard of.

Double standards are in everything.
Sure, we can blame the assholes who set it back ten years for every time they do something to hinder the progress, like when a guy can’t change a tire (besides me) or when a woman can’t fold a fitted sheet properly.
It gets fucked up, but it always exists.
We know this, but no one gives a shit (I just have nothing better to write about).
For example, there’s a video circling Facebook currently.
You know Facebook, that website where we all get our breaking news and information from.
Here’s the video:

In this video, they show us a man roughing up a woman, which causes everyone nearby to take action and become five-minute heroes.
That’s fine; we all should jump in when shit isn’t copacetic. Too many people sit idle while real situations need attention. It’s pretty normal behavior.
I’ve seen this myself and have taken action in the past in certain instances where I’m not asleep on public transportation.
So in the video, shortly after the abusive man skit, they show us the reverse scenario, now the woman is roughing up the man.
Only difference being; NO ONE GIVES A FUCK.
Seriously, every single person either keeps walking, ignores it completely or starts laughing about it.
It’s what we’ve learned from our parents, from our communities.

Men aren’t supposed to be weak, we are the rocks that the family stands behind when shit hits the fan, the foundation that everyone builds upon, the breadwinner, the muscle behind every outfit, but when a man is seen as weak, holy shit, it’s funny as fuck.
A guy with mental health issues, disabilities, man tits or anything seen as a weakness is immediately weeded out and judged by society.
No one gives a shit about it.
Man up, or step aside.

An extreme point would be to think about rape culture for a second, fuck yes, it’s awful.
Men will try to pretend it’s not a thing, but that’s sort of the point.
To put it into perspective, a woman shouldn’t lead a man on or she’ll get what’s coming to her.
Bitches should know better than to wear leather skirts to work!
Men are innocent, she provoked it, so I poked it.
She shakes it, I rapes it.
Am I really the culprit if she dressed like Jessica Rabbit?
Fuck no.
She asked for it!
Don’t show those titties if you don’t want to let me touch them.
Rape is proper recompense for exposing yourself.

That’s rape culture in a sarcastic nutshell.

Now I know joking about rape, even ever so lightly is bad news, frowned upon by the gods of all things holy, proper and rape-free, but what about when a man gets raped?
He’s not as defenseless as a woman, so if a man gets raped, it’s not such a big deal.
Pretty fucking hilarious, right?
Yes. No one really gives a shit.
The only time people care about a male getting raped is when it’s a child, otherwise, rape away.
Maybe it’s because guys don’t come forward or admit to being raped because obviously, everyone at the police department would be cracking up if a guy came in crying about rape.
Gaping asshole jokes would ring out all over town and people would mock him by bending over and doing hand motions of jamming imaginary dildos into their asses like a rapey game of charades (my second favorite type of charades).
A man that can’t defend himself is definitely a man that deserves to be raped.
What a giant pussy.

Someone rape him ASAP.

If a guy wears some tight pants, does he deserve the rape?
Maybe he asked for it too, fuck it.
Fuck him, in the ass even.

Double standards!

My gripe with all of this, besides the forced sex, is that we keep on teaching the same bullshit values and societal norms that have been handed down to us from people who lived for bullshit values and societal norms.
We pass it down like a family heirloom, keeping the cycle going.

I want to live in a world where I can comfortably sit and watch a woman struggle while carrying a heavy package and not feel compelled to help her because she’s such a fucking wimp.

I want to live in a world where a man can get raped and actually have someone give a shit, he can go to the police and send someone to jail for putting things into his anus.

I want to live in a world where women can dress like complete sluts without stupid fucking men saying asshole shit to her, just observe from a distance and masturbate to her when you get home like the rest of us upstanding citizens.

This slut is asking for it.

I want to live in a world where I can be sexually harassed and groped by women because my shirt is a bit form fitting.

A world where a female mechanic isn’t someone’s idea of a joke.

A world where men can be nurses and it isn’t funny.

A world where Who’s the Boss is seen as a learning program.
Let men be nannies.
There’s nothing wrong with a man nursing an infant unless it’s with his dick, remember that.

A world where women actually help during moving.

A world where men do something around the house besides jerk off and fart and disappoint their wives.

A world where women buy men drinks for a change.
I partially blame Obama, because why not?
If Romney were president, women would be driving trucks, carrying their own fucking carriages down the stairs and raping men, but thanks to Obama, we get another four years of male dominated rape culture and ugly female nannies.

This shit has to end.
Vote for equal opportunity rape and end the double standard.
Vote Republican.

Remember, rape isn’t fucking funny. Unless it happens to a guy!
For now…


***Bryan Bronx does not support rape in any shape or form but he does have a rape fantasy where three smoking hot, leather clad female vampires hold him down and refuse to listen to his safe word which is “CONSTANTINOPLE”. But no anal insertion takes place.***

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