Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holy shit, I'm lazy.

Look how long it's been between posts, I'm a piece of shit, why do you all put up with my bullshit?
Here you all are, all six of you, maybe ten, waiting patiently for the next post (or not, probably not) and here I am, not making with the good shit.
I fucking suck.
Here's some advice:
If you see me in public, punch me in the face, I deserve it, and you don't have to say anything more than "fuck you, Bronx" and I'll understand fully.
I will post an update soon, I swear to the balls of my older brother, but for now, you're going to have to find something else to do, like masturbate to Scooby doo or pour yogurt on your tits or something.
Stay busy, stay tuned, stay the fuck away from my booty hole.


  1. Look lazyass, punching you in the face would take a lot of effort. I have a better idea: you punch yourself in the face for me, film it, and post it on here. Everyone's problems are solved.

  2. Hey man, I'm busy.
    Busy not writing the good shit.
    I will, I'll write about my characters with names like Pontificus Jones and Salamander Gonzalez.

  3. Don't forget Logan Parker. I saw that fan-fic you wrote, about a teleport machine fucking up Logan and Peter Parker, splicing them was pretty erotic.

  4. It was a porno, you bastard.

  5. you lazy son of a bitch! im here waiting all this time for some more awesomeness and what do i get???? NOTHING! so like Ish said punch yourself in the face or i'll do it tomorrow in front of g4 network at comic con!